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So far we've had these guys paint three exterior doors in a complicated 'painted lady' pattern, and five distinct spaces or rooms in our home, including a hallway and foyer. The work is of such high quality that we would like them, eventually, to re-do the entire house. They are thoughtful about helping choose colors and execute their work nearly flawlessly. They treat the spaces as if they were rooms in their own homes. Their prices also seem to me more than reasonable, but given the quality of the workmanship I'm not inclined to comparison-shop. David ‎ - Jan 4, 2012

Two true artisans. I always approach contractors with great skepticism but these two guys made me feel good about my choice from the very start. Everytime I would look at colors at a store, I would just leave with a headache. But they took their time to help me pick colors that matched my personal style and decor. This service alone set them apart from the rest. But they were very professional in their approach to their work - they took their time and did a fantastic job. Their quoted price was competitive - a bonus! I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for painting of any kind. They are truly artisans! Everyday I love my house more! It's spectacular. Patti ‎ - Aug 15, 2011

These guys are not only terrific- start to finish- careful, clean-up. The best added value though is they help you select the color. Our home turned out perfect, but they must have spent hours with us to make sure we both liked the colors. This is something you can't expect the normal bids to include. The other thing they do is make the calculation of $cost easy for you ahead of time- nothing unexpected at the end. Quality, quality, quality. met ‎ - Jun 26, 2011

These guys are amazing! We had three different companies come out and these guys won us over the second they walked in. They are professional, efficient, and their work is PERFECT! They were the only company out of the three that came and sat down, explained everthing thoroughly. I highly recommend this company! You will not be dissapointed! Jennifer19 ‎ - May 27, 2011

What a great company to work with. They are very thorough in their work and are just a breath of fresh air! Hire these guys!!! They will not dissapoint! Jennifer - 05/27/11

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